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Our Services

Construction sites

We have several years in the construction industry. We know how to take care of your needs for this kind of service. We have worked several different construction sites from building offices to construction under freeways. we have also guarded construction sites and equipment.

Apartment foot patrol as well as patrol services

We have extensive experience in the apartment field. We have been involved with Apartment communities for years, this is our specialty. We have done foot patrol in several apartment communities. We have several vehicles equipped with lights and logos to show visibility with our vehicle patrol. We lock community pools and well as laundry rooms and gyms with our Security Patrol service.

Community/Neighborhood patrol

Our neighborhood Security Patrol is one of the best in the industry. We have marked vehicles with Armed Officers. With this service we offer a free service, which includes a law enforcement officer available to patrol for a few hours a month. (Call for details.)

Pipe Yard security

Our Pipe Yard Services is one that is the best among others in this industry. We can monitor your facility and provide and extra service with this type of security services. (call for Details.)

Mall security

Mall Security is among our several security skills. We can provide armed or unarmed security personnel. We also have a soft uniform which consist of a suite and tie which we used in High Rise security buildings.
This uniform can also be utilized in a mall atmosphere to our clients who wish to go this route.

Chemical and Refinery Security

HHCP can provide professional officers for this industry. We pride ourselves in this type of industry, We have trained personnel with TWIC cards that can work this industry with pride. We use only well qualified employees who know what MARC means when it comes to protecting our customers. We take measures from LVL 1 to LVl 5 of the security threats.

Body Guard

Our PPO officers are the best in the industry. We use highly trained personnel which consist of ex police and military officers.They are trained with the most up to date security equipment.
Call for more details.

Restaurant and fast food Security

HHCP has more than 25,000 hours in restaurant and fast food security industry. We have worked several restaurants in the past. Some just to give names or Monterrey House, Popeye’s Chicken, Monterrey little Mexico restaurants. and several others.

Apartment and business park Patrols

We pride ourselves in our patrol services. We provide a service that is next to none. We have an elite patrol service with security officers and field superiors behind the wheel. We have a dispatcher which dispatches our officers as well as the Police when a call comes in. we provide an Incident report the same day for our clients records. We also leave drop off slips on every patrol we provide. We guarantee 3 patrols per night but try for 4 if we can get them in.

High Rise Security

We provide a professional look when it comes to High Rise Security. We have a soft uniform that consist of a suite and tie. We can also provide a uniformed officer if needed.


"Excellence Is Our Standard"